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Rates & Services

Individual Readings

Connecting to Your Loved Ones Crossed Over, pets too!  Information/confirmation on relationships, children, career, family, moving, etc.  Past - Present - Future

                     INDIVIDUAL READING in Waunakee (Westport  M & 113)

Phone or Skype Readings

 1/2 Hour  $50.00 / 1 Hour  $100.00 

Group Readings

Group readings are available for family, friends or anyone that would like to try this spiritual experience. All of your Guests are together in one room for the Group Reading. This is a great option for friends or family members that would know the same people (relatives or friends) from the other side that may come through.  Personal Information about relationships, career, family, moving, etc. could come through for you too.  Everyone in the group will get a reading.  

Have a group reading at any party....Birthday, Picnic or Cookout, Ladies' Luncheon, Girl's Night Out, Baby Shower, Anniversary Party, etc.  I am open to new and unique ideas for your party needs!

                   GROUP READINGS:       Groups are a minimum of 5 - maximum of 15 People 

  Minimum $150.00     5 @ $30.00  per person in the Madison area (1-15 miles).

Waunakee - Middleton - Windsor - Sun Prairie - East and West side Madison 

Minimum $200.00  5 @ $40.00 per person just outside the Madison area (16-25 miles)

Marshall - Deerfield - Oregon - Lodi

Minimum $300.00  6 @ $50.00 per person 

Furthest I will travel outside the Madison area (26-40 miles)

Waterloo - Lake Mills - Columbus - Baraboo

 Group Party   -   Private One on One Readings

While your guests are visiting, I will do private individual readings in a separate room.  This gives your guest the option to keep their personal information to themselves and they can choose what they would like to share with the group later.  They also have a choice to select a 15 minute or 30 minute private session.  After the reading they would go back to the party and send in the next guest until all the guests had their readings.   

See Minimum Rates above.

Guests would have an option for a 15 minute, 30 minute or 1 hour Reading

Prices vary on Location and Minimum Fees - Confirm prices when Booking the Event.

Spiritual Classes

Would you like to  understand what you are feeling, thinking, seeing and hearing?  Awakening can be an exciting time, but it can also be a scary and confusing time for you.  Just remember that spirituality is an individual journey, no two journeys are alike. When no one else does it quite like you, or feels the same about things like you do....it's OK.  You are special and unique just like your abilities.  

INDIVIDUAL  $100.00 per hour


    For more information or to set up an appointment

Call Debbie @ 608.220.5221