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My name is Debbie...... I am a Psychic Medium.

 God did not make two people alike and I feel that no two people experience Spirituality the same.

I believe everyone has Spiritual Gifts.  It is a desire, a yearning for those Gifts that awakens them from within you.

My gifts are Communicating with your Loved Ones on the Other Side, Pets too!

Psychic Readings about your career, relationships, children, etc., 

Past - Present - Future information/confirmation, 

Guidance in your Spiritual Journey,  Psychic Investigator with Psychic Crime Fighter, Minister with Universal Life Church, and more. 

To get to know me better and learn more about the services I have to offer, please check out the rest of my website. 

Call or Text to set up an appointment @  608.220.5221    or    Email: [email protected]

Please type SPIRITUAL READING in the subject line.    

Thank You


 Debbie Meier



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