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Hi, my name is Debbie.  I am Divinely Inspired and Spiritually Blessed with many gifts.  I would like to make these gifts available to you. 

My gifts are Communicating with your Loved Ones on the Other Side, Psychic Readings, Psychic Investigator with Psychic Crime Fighter, Pet Communication, Guidance in your Spiritual Journey, Ordained Minister with Universal Life Church, and more.

It doesn't matter if you believe what I believe. It doesn't matter what religion you are, what color you are, or where you come from.  I have not met two people who totally agree about Spirituality, how to do it, where it comes from, or why some people tap into it and others haven't.

We are all born with intuition. If you develop your intuition you become more psychic. I believe God has a lot to do with what gifts you have or are drawn to and what and when you will develop them.  But I think it takes your hard work and dedication to succeed like anything else in life.  The more you use your intuition the sharper it becomes.

I believe God works through me to heal people, whether it is by connecting to your Loved Ones that have passed over, giving you confirmation or advice about some future event, or healing for your body, mind or soul.  I am constantly talking to God all day long, every day!  Talk to God! God hears you, God Loves you and God will help you, if you just ask for it.

I am always asked......HOW DO YOU DO THAT?  So here is a snapshot of how I do psychic readings!  REMEMBER - this is my way and point of view. Until I know different or better, this is what I believe at this time to be true.  We continue to learn, grow and change.  

Before I do a reading for an individual or group, I take 5-15 minutes or more if needed, to center myself, pray to GOD, (Praying and Talking to God is the same thing to me. I do not recite written prayers usually) and ask that any spirits that my client would like to connect to in the Light and Love of God please come through and everyone is fully protected. I ask to receive my messages clearly, accurately and in the best interest of everyone involved. And whatever else I feel the need to say to God at that time. This is the way I open myself to Spirit Communication for when I am giving readings. Otherwise I turn it off or the spirits would drive me crazy. Even if I turn it off there are some that still come around and keep me awake at night. That is another story! I feel the presence of God's energy surround me. It is a knowing that it is pure love and energy from above. If I had to describe it I guess I would say it feels like being wrapped in a very light blanket, you know it is around you.  

I am an Empath... I feel emotions people are feeling through their energy - happy, sad, angry etc. When I do readings  I use all my senses. I can see Spirits, I can hear Spirits, I can smell fragrances, I can taste things, I can feel them touch me and I can touch their energy.  Your Loved Ones come through as you would remember them here on earth, otherwise how would you know that it was them?  They might say their name, give me a description or I will see what they look like. I may feel their personality.  If the person was happy - I will feel happy. If a person was angry or upset - I will feel angry or upset. If the person was the life of the party - I feel that energy, etc.   If they baked I may smell baked goods. If they were ill I may feel ill. They may tell me or show me how they died. I may feel the way they died. It is mainly up to the energy to bring what they want to bring to me and I try to interpret it as accurately as possible. It doesn't matter if they spoke another language because the communication I am having is through energy not spoken words. They may not show or tell me much or they can gab for hours.  They may bring you a message or a confirmation that you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, or a life event will be happening soon, you are going to get married, have a baby, etc. I never know what Spirit will tell or show me. 

It is just as exciting, interesting and amazing to me as it is to you!  But I believe that you are told what you need to know.  Sometimes people are confused or upset that a specific individual didn't come through or an answer to something they wanted to know didn't come through. Well maybe it isn't time for you to hear from them or to know the answer to your question. GOD knows best what you need at this time. So BE OPEN and hear what the message is that day and do not miss this gift from GOD because you needed a specific answer or person to show up.

Spirit Guides, Angels, etc.   I believe in GOD.  I believe that there are Angels, Spirit Guides, Divine Spirits, Your Loved Ones, etc that God will send to help us. To me it is like going to the Doctor.  If you need a Specialist then you go see a Specialist.  I pray to GOD and ask for help. I do not name any Angel or Guide....I feel God knows best who and what I need and will send me only the best one, two, hundred, millions of Spirits/Angels/Guides/Souls to help me. Why would I ask for ONE specific Guide when I have the use of all Energies to help me? Doesn't GOD know better than me, then leave it in God's hands to make that decision. I am protected and guided by the light and Love of God flowing through me and around me always. I do believe we are born with the HOLY SPIRIT and that is our Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide -if that is what you wish to call them, that stays with us throughout our entire lives - after life - eternity etc.

People want to know that their Loved Ones are OK......YES.  The After Life -  I believe we are Energy/Spirits. We are born on earth to learn lessons, Love one another, and grow closer to GOD.  When we die our body returns to ashes and our Spirit/Soul returns back to God and we will either be reborn to continue learning or stay with God and  be one of those Spirits that will help guide and protect the living. I believe Spirits are everywhere - mainly because I see them everywhere!! A family member may continue watching over you long after they have passed over. That is why they may bring something up that happened after they died - they still know or see what is going on and are connected to you.  I believe that the experiences or life lessons go with your Soul when you leave this earth, especially the events that touched your heart or were life changing because of someone's kindness or LOVE they shared with you. The closest I feel to God is when I am helping others! The biggest confirmations/blessings I have received from God have always come when I did my most unselfish acts of kindness. When my heart was in the right place and it was shown by my actions.

What is your Life Path or Spiritual Purpose?  It is the same for everyone.....LOVE - OUR PURPOSE ON EARTH is to LOVE ONE ANOTHER AND BECOME CLOSER TO GOD! That is it....all there is.  Now, how you go about doing that can come in many different ways. You may be a nurse that cares for people. You may be a priest that spreads the news about GOD.  You may be a child caretaker or a Mother. There is a path for you. It may come in several different forms, places, and over time it may change directions but it is your path to live and learn. You can change your path at any time....Free Will. I think we have natural gifts, those things that come natural or easy for us, what draws your curiosity or interest.  Those are all hints of what direction we could take. 

HEALERS....Everyone and Anyone can be a healer. You don't need to do miracles to be a healer. If you smile at someone - that is a form of healing. A painter that paints a beautiful picture that touches your heart is healing. A song writer or singer that sings a song that is all about you and your situation is a healer. A kind word, respect for one another, laughter, service to others in any way is healing. LOVE ONE ANOTHER in whatever form that comes in is healing.

There is no way to describe the feeling of when you are receiving messages or giving those messages to others, you have to experience it yourself.  When you experience this gift, it will be different for each and every one of you.  I think everyone who has experienced it would say it is miraculous, and life changing, no matter if you are giving the messages or receiving them. I feel blessed just being a part of it and the healing people receive is AMAZING.

If you would like to set up an appointment, please give me a call at 608.220.5221  Email:  [email protected]

I look forward to meeting you.        

Thank You


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