Divinely Inspired and Spiritually Blessed By God


Rates & Services

Individual Readings      1/2 hour   $50.00    1 hour  $100.00  Waunakee, WI

Group Readings             Below are the two most popular options for Group Readings  

All your guests are together in one room for the Group Reading. This is a great option for friends or family members that would know the same people (relatives or friends) from the other side that may come through. Personal information about relationships, career, family, moving, etc. could come through too.    


While your guests are visiting, I will do private individual readings in a separate room.  This gives your guest the option to keep their personal information to themselves and they can choose what they would like to share with the group later. They also have a choice to select a 15 minute , 1/2 hour or 1 hour reading in a private session. 

The price for Group Readings vary by the Group option you choose, the location it will be at, and the number of people attending, etc.